Top 5 Players to Watch: Miami San Francisco

Top 5 Players to Watch: Miami San Francisco

The powerful rival teams Miami Dolphins and San Francisco have selected athletes who have a chance to break out into one of the top players in the league and greatly affect the game. 

Let’s take a look at the top 5 players:

Jimmy Garoppolo (49ers )

Garoppolo is number one on the influencer list. Yes, this is the same Jimmy Garoppolo who brought the Forty-Niners to the Super Bowl last season. Football IQ, experience, and precise technique were what his teammates lacked. Garoppolo completed 11 of 16 passes for only 84 yards and an interception before injuring his ankle, and after a high-quality attack, he returned to defense. While in the New England reserve, Jimmy became a signal contender fighting for the Super Bowl. He’s fighting for another chance at the ring.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (Dolphins)

Fitzpatrick has a strong offensive job ahead of the upcoming game, where he will not make any interceptions and be effective on the field.

However, playing in a good defense could motivate Fitzpatrick to show his talent level, which brought them the victory over Jacksonville recently. We will see all the intricacies of this player versus Miami Dolphins game soon.

DeVante Parker (Dolphins)

With a young Dolphins line-up, this season could be risky but exciting, with Parker. But so far, his statistics are not conclusive, and we cannot accurately judge how Parker can play on the field, even after several games. The last season showed us what the young athlete is worth, namely that he is an NFL champion who quickly overcomes serious difficulty. He needs to feel more confident, and he will show all his power, and the team will be able to win over and over again. Well, let’s be on the lookout.

Jerick McKinnon (49ers)

This amazing player has a whopping 34 touchdowns this season, which is excellent. McKinnon has gone to great lengths to become the most effective and influential Running back. The Dolphins’ weak defense can give this player a good opportunity to get game time this season; the main thing is not to get complacent.

Miles Gaskin (Dolphins)

The speed of the young Dolphins has hit the 2020 season. They say that Gaskin will make Miami’s game respectable enough. The player has a very good chance of success, doesn’t he? Miles surprised everyone by becoming the team’s Running Back, especially after the offseason, which is usually dominated by older players. It’s important to get Gaskin to start the game so Fitzpatrick can prove himself.

It’s important to note that Matt Braida (veteran Miami RB) is returning to face his old squad in the upcoming game. The veteran will most likely have the responsibility to intercept passes from his old team. Moreover, he already has studied the Dolphin’s defense and is likely to orient himself on how to win. But there is another side to the coin: Defense also knows Braid. Considering that Matt has not been out on the field this year, his position is # 3 RB. Therefore, it is quite difficult to determine if he will become an influential player on the team.

We look forward to his experience and technique.

The next clash between the Miami Dolphins and the San Francisco 49ers is going to be a massively entertaining game, and we can’t wait!


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