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Merlin Olsen, ranked No. 30 in the NFL 100, was a ‘gentle giant’ off the field and a ruthless competitor on it.

The Athletics’ initiative to select the 100 greatest players in football history is known as the NFL 100.
We’ll reveal new members of the list every day until the season starts, starting with the No.
On Wednesday, September 1st, one player will be crowned.
8.How can we keep in touch with those who have had an impact on our life in some way?
As we prepared to recognize all-time Los Angeles Rams legend Merlin Olsen as No. 1 this summer,
We invited fans who have memories of Olsen, no matter how big or tiny, to share them with us on The Athletics NFL 100.Notes about Olsen flowed in in waves as big as he was.
Nonetheless, they radiated the same warmth.