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Skai Moore of the Indianapolis Colts chose family above football last year, according to Kravitz.

— Skai Moore isn’t a professional football player, at least not in the NFL.
He entered the league as an undrafted linebacker out of South Carolina in 2018 and has spent the most of his time on the practice squad in Indianapolis.
Moore, along with former Colts player Marvell Tell and now-former Colt Roland Milligan (who was recently cut), chose to be among the 67 NFL players who opted out last year during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Moore elected to wait out a season that would have counted toward his crucial pension, which kicks in after three years on either the active roster or injured reserve.
Moore had two years left on his contract at the time, unlike DeForest Buckner or Darius Leonard, who are stars who know that if they sit out a season, they will return with plenty of job security and the promise of future riches.Someone like Moore, a man on the fringes of the roster, had no idea how all of this would play out, how the Colts would react, or how it would affect his scouting report.
“But, it was difficult.”
“That was both difficult and not difficult.”