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Is this Indy’s deepest squad in years? Colts 53-man roster projection: Is this Indy’s deepest team in years?

You’re looking at this predicted Colts depth chart incorrectly if you want to focus on individual player placement – who’s the starter and who’s the backup. The competition will sort itself out during training camp, as it always does.
Players report today in Westfield, so that process will begin with Wednesday’s first practice.What you should be focused on right now is something broader: depth.Certainly, great skill may take you a long way in the NFL, but what you should be focused on right now is something broader: depth.
But we frequently overlook the value of depth, a team’s ability to weather the inevitable storms of an NFL season, especially now that the schedule has been expanded to 17 games.And if we’re talking depth, the Colts are in terrific shape.
This is the deepest roster they’ve fielded since the Chris Ballard-Frank Reich era began, and that depth will be one of the team’s pillars.
If the Colts accomplish anything in January, it will almost certainly be due to their depth.With that in mind, let’s get started with our final pre-training camp look at the depth chart.(*-denotes rookie)QuarterbackThis is where it all begins.
There is no disagreement here.
Carson Wentz is in charge.
That’s about the only thing we can be certain of.