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While the NFL puts up the heat, the Chiefs achieve an outstanding vaccination rate.

As the NFL implements new COVID regulations, the Kansas City Chiefs have reached a team immunization rate of 90%.
The NFL is doing everything it can to ensure that players are vaccinated against the coronavirus.
The league has threatened to forfeit games and money if an unvaccinated player triggers an epidemic on their team, according to new COVID protocols revealed this week.
By Week 1, the league would like to see all clubs meet the required immunization percentage of 85 percent.
Some teams are working toward the target, while others are lagging behind, and a select few are exceeding it.
One of the teams that is taking care of business is the Kansas City Chiefs.
They have one of the best immunization rates in the NFL, which is particularly impressive given the league’s recent drive to urge players to obtain the COVID vaccine.
The Kansas City Chiefs achieved a COVID-19 vaccination percentage of 90%.
The Chiefs can’t afford to be restricted in the 2017 NFL season.
According to Sam McDowell of The Kansas City Star, they are one of the few teams that have reached the league’s recommended immunization rate of 85 percent, with some even reaching 90 percent.
For teams that meet the recommended immunization rate, the league has discussed lifting all coronavirus protocols.
Andy Reid, the Chiefs’ head coach, remarked, “Were one of the teams where guys have really challenged themselves to get things done and take care of business.”
“I believe it’s guys talking to each other; I believe it’s trusting your medical staff, which is crucial.” Kansas City is doing everything necessary to keep the season as stress-free as possible.
Following what Patrick Mahomes and his teammates said this offseason, they are more than eager to revenge their Super Bowl 55 loss by a score of 31-9.