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Cole Beasley is offered Pfizer stock by Mark Cuban in exchange for immunization.

On Tuesday, Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley responded to a ProFootballTalk tweet about vaccination incentives in the NFL by saying, “I’ll get vaccinated and be an advocate for it if Pfizer puts a percentage of its earnings from the vaccine in my wife’s name.” But Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban called Beasley’s bluff, offering to purchase the former Cowboys receiver’s wife a piece in Pfizer’s earnings.
“Let me tell you something, Cole.”
I’ll purchase your wife a stake of Pfizer stock if you get vaccinated and advocate vaccination on all of your social media.
It has a dividend yield of 3.78%.
As a result, she receives a portion of Pfizers earnings.
Is there a deal?
“Earlier this summer, Beasley sparked controversy when he stated that he would “eat better” if he had to deal with COVID-19.
Drink plenty of water.
“I will be outside doing what I do,” he stated in a statement, “exercising and doing what I believe is vital to be a healthy individual.”
“I’ll be in the open.”
If you’re afraid of me, stay away from me or get vaccinated.
Beasley previously complained about the league’s COVID-19 preseason regulations, which retain rigorous guidelines for unvaccinated people, including a necessary confinement following COVID-19 exposure, while vaccinated individuals will not be subject to quarantine.
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