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‘Not going to sit idly’ while the ‘radical left takes over,’ says Arkansas Senate primary contender and former NFL star.

Jake Bequette, a former NFL player and Army veteran who is running for the Arkansas Senate primary, says he would “not sit quietly” by while the “radical left” takes over American institutions.
On July 12, Bequette became the latest Republican to oppose two-term Republican Arkansas Senator Mike Huckabee in a 2022 primary.
John Boozman – In the first week of his campaign, he raised more than $25,000 for his campaign.
On Tuesday, Bequette told Fox News, “There is optimism for the future.”
I have faith in this country.
I’m a patriot who wants to leave a better legacy for future generations than the one we left behind.
And I…feel called to run in this election, and I believe I have a lot to give my state and country.
And I’m not going to stand by and watch as the radical left takes over the rest of the American institutions we once valued.” FORMER NFL PLAYER AND IRAQ WAR VETERAN CHALLENGES ARKANSAS SENATOR
BOOZMAN was an All-SEC defensive end and an Academic All-American as a standout football player for the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. He was born and reared in Little Rock.
He went on to play in the National Football League (NFL), where he was a member of the New England Patriots, who won Super Bowl XLIX.
He then quit the NFL and volunteered in the military, serving in the Iraq War with the 101st Airborne Division.
Bequette is running for the position of youngest sitting US Senator.
senator in front of Sen.
John Ossoff, D-Georgia, is a 34-year-old congressman.
The Army veteran voiced optimism for the Republican Party’s and young conservatives’ futures.
BEQUETTE GOES OFF ON THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION OVER THE GWEN BERRY DEFENSE “Our moment is now,” he says when asked if he has a message for young conservatives.
“If we don’t stand up and take this country back, no one else will.”
We can’t afford to wait for an invitation to assume our rightful leadership position.
TRUMP ENDORSES BOOZMAN 2022 REELECTION BID The former football star, who calls himself as a “political outsider,” took aim at both Democratic socialist leaders and the established left, calling House Speaker Nancy Pelser as one of the latter.
Bequette stated, “Washington is failing America.”
Part of the problem is radical socialists and the Democratic Party — Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer — and another part is career politicians and the Republican Party who just refuse to stand up and fight for what’s right.
And I’m not a career politician,” the Army veteran stated, adding that serving in the military was “the greatest honor of [his] life,” and that when he returned from Iraq and witnessed “what was going on..”
I recognized that my service wasn’t done when I saw the violence in our streets, the suppression of our economy, and the damage in our country over the last year, 18 months.” CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APP He noted that his campaign is a continuation of his pledge to the country as a servicemember.
“I joined the army to fight for my ideas, and after returning from Iraq, I realized that the battle is not fought on a distant battlefield.”
It’s right around the corner.
It’s a political issue.” Bequette is the third Republican in Arkansas’s deeply red state to challenge Sen.
Following in the footsteps of former gubernatorial candidate Jan Morgan and pastor Heath Loftis is John Boozman.
Paul Steinhauser of Fox News contributed to this article.