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Kyle Hamilton’s film analysis: Five plays from Notre Dame’s All-American safety’s perspective

— Kyle Hamilton has the potential to be the ideal football player.
His Freaks List-caliber combination of length and athleticism has him predicted as a top-10 choice in the NFL Draft next spring.
The All-American got down with The Athletic to go over five plays from his career to better grasp scheme, technique, and what “trying to do too much” looks like.Play 1: PBU versus Louisville (Sept.
2, 2019)In the second quarter of Hamilton’s first varsity game, the freshman safety has looked like an exceptional freshman should in his first collegiate game.
Hamilton has been on the field, but his involvement includes a two-play fumbled tackle in the hole on Louisville running back Hassan Hall.
Notre Dame continues to support Hamilton.
Louisville has the ball near midfield in a 14-14 game and is facing a second-and-seven situation.
The Cardinals tried to entice Hamilton with a delayed route from a condensed formation.How Hamilton viewed it: Despite the fact that Louisville is not a football powerhouse, the stadium was nevertheless full.
Looking around, this is a little cliche, but I glanced around and it wasn’t like I was about to weep, but all of the plays I’ve seen in my life since I was five years old playing football, it all came together.
I was obviously apprehensive. On the opening (drive), I got my first tackle.
I was alright once I figured it out.