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Week 2 at Camp Higher Ground: Cincinnati’s breakout candidates and opinions

— The most interesting aspects of preseason practice are first-team position battles, something the Cincinnati Bearcats lack this year.
There were few full unknowns entering Camp Higher Ground a couple of weeks ago, aside from tackle and some later moving along the offensive line.
Even at safety, where multiyear stalwarts James Wiggins and Darrick Forrest left for the NFL, Bryan Cook and Javon Hicks were always going to be the natural successors. For the same reason, picking true breakthrough candidates is difficult.
The Bearcats return 14 starters and another dozen or so regular contributors from last season, eight of whom earned all-conference honors, making for a lot of familiar faces, even if a couple could see their responsibilities expand.
It’s an excellent problem to have.
Is Jerome Ford, who scored eight touchdowns in 2020, a breakthrough prospect now that he’s the starter?
Is it true that