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Bruce Arians’ go-to shot play is ’80/81 Go,’ which he teaches every Tuesday.

Coach Bruce Arians of the Buccaneers has made it clear that he wants to take his team to new heights on the field.
He isn’t interested in putting together 20-play drives.
He’s looking for bits of action.
Calling “80/81 Go” is one of his favorite ways of doing so.
Former quarterback Drew Stanton, who played for two NFL organizations under Arians, remarked on The Athletics the Football Show podcast with Robert Mays, “It was 88 Go or 88 Bench where the quarterback doesn’t have to worry about protection, doesn’t have to do anything.”
“It’s a full-fledged defense.”
We’re going to take a shot downfield.” The figures at the start of the play call indicate the level of protection, which could alter.
The play’s concept is straightforward.
Seven blockers surround the quarterback, as the ball is thrown deep down to one of three verticals.
Every season that Arians has coached, it’s one of the first plays he’s implemented.