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With a golden arm and killer instinct, Dan Marino rewrote the record book at No. 18 in the NFL 100.

The Athletics’ initiative to select the 100 greatest players in football history is known as the NFL 100.
We’ll reveal new members of the list every day until the season starts, starting with the No.
On Wednesday, September 1st, one player will be crowned.
8.It’s tempting to depict Dan Marino by statistics because his stats are so eye-catching.Passing yards: 61,631.Touchdown passes: 420.Completed passes: 4,967.Touchdown-interception differential: 168.Each of them was an NFL record when Marino retired.
He concluded his career with more than 40 NFL records, but many of them have since been broken as the league evolves. Stats, as impressive as they were, couldn’t portray all of him any more than words could capture a breathtaking sunrise.There was the ability to see a play unfolding like a psychic, to know where his receiver would be and where the defender would not.
“He was going to find the hole, see it, and throw it perfectly.”
Dan had an intuitive aptitude.” “There was an arm that could have been used as a military weapon.”
Everyone else’s throws looked average, if not soft, in comparison to his.
“I would have loved to have had Dan when he was in his heyday because when he was in his prime, he threw the ball better than any quarterback perhaps who has ever played the game,” Jimmy Johnson, Marino’s final four-year coach, said.