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On ‘Highway 63,’ Gene Upshaw opened the way for the Raiders at No. 67.

The Athletics’ initiative to select the 100 greatest players in football history is known as the NFL 100.
We’ll reveal new members of the list every day until the season starts, starting with the No.
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8.The Raiders rode Highway 63 to the top of the NFL in their prime. “Highway 63,” as Raiders running back Mark van Eeghen affectionately dubbed left guard Gene Upshaw, would lead the defenders around the edge with Upshaw’s silver-and-black No.
“It’s kind of great when you turn the corner and you look into that defensive back’s face and he looks a little afraid,” Upshaw once said, “because he has 260 pounds going right at him.”
“Just as the ball was about to be snapped, (defensive tackle) Joe Greene leapt up from the other side and ran over to our side.”
‘They’re coming right here, these sons of bitches, they’re coming right here!’ Joe exclaimed.
Snake (Kenny Stabler) is going to audible out of this play because the right side is suddenly wide open, so I’m sitting there in my stance thinking that.
Even the linebacker shifted his weight to our side.
On that side, there was no one.