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The Jaguars are Urban Meyer’s willing students as he learns how to be an NFL coach.

— Listening to Urban Meyer is all it takes to realize he isn’t your ordinary NFL head coach.
Meyer’s Jaguars training camp practices simply sound different. Consider the dramatic pre-practice speeches, which are sometimes delivered by an assistant coach but are frequently delivered by Meyer himself.
Or consider Meyer’s recent post-stretch speech, which lasted more than five minutes following a particularly intense workout.
Then there are the daily practice reports from Meyer’s chief of staff, Fernando Lovo, which are broadcast on the field over speakers. Meyer hosted his first Winner-Loser day of camp in early August, when every competitive drill was scored individually or for the offense or defense.
Lovo not only announced the winners of each drill, but he also counted down the seconds of each phase and gave instructions to the players on what would happen next.
The Ohio State and University of Florida customs included having a master of ceremonies.
It’s rare for the NFL, where most workouts are a cacophony of music, whistles, and artificial crowd noise. Meyers’ practices are also unique, especially if you follow the former college coach from drill to drill.While it’s not uncommon for a head coach to get hands-on with players to teach a technique, only in Jacksonville will you hear the head coach.
Meyer’s success in his first NFL job, though, will most likely be determined by how well he integrates the habits and motivational techniques he employed to help Florida and Ohio State become national champions with the realities of teaching professional athletes.