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Ryan Fitzpatrick’s tortuous football career has taken him to his biggest opportunity yet, The Athletic.

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s home in Gilbert, Ariz., has just been hit by a rare morning storm, and the 38-year-old quarterback is making breakfast on the outside patio.
In the Fitzpatrick house, the first meal of the day looks a little different.
Two packages of bacon, a few rolls of Jimmy Dean ground sausage, large mixing basins of pancake batter, whipped-up eggs, and a small vat of Log Cabin syrup are almost enough food on the counter to fill an NFL offensive line.
His four youngest children have hopped down the steps, and the rest aren’t far behind.
Fitzpatrick clicks the 48-inch, restaurant-quality griddle built into the counter as he tears open the first slab of bacon.
He says, “This thing.”
“It’s my baby,” he says, pointing to his backyard, which has a playground for youngsters.