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Coach Eugene Chung, who has accused the NFL of discrimination, claims that the league is “a little deceptive” about his case.

Eugene Chung, a former NFL offensive lineman and assistant coach, termed the NFL’s statement on its investigation into his claims that he was told during a job interview that he “wasn’t the proper minority” “a little deceptive.” Chung, who is Asian American, claimed he had had one brief, “almost cursory” interaction with the NFL back in May, and that “every single” coach and personnel executive he has reached out to has been “a little misleading.”
Despite a request from Chung’s representatives, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has so far declined to meet with him, he said.
“I’ve only had one discussion with them.”
I’d love to collaborate with them, but when it’s reported that I’ll be working with them and I’ve just had one very brief talk with them, I think it’s a little misleading,” Chung remarked.
In early July, the NFL issued a comment stating that it was “unable to authenticate the precise statement that was made, or by whom, or under what circumstances, any such statement was made.”
“But, we want to take this opportunity to reaffirm the NFL’s and each NFL club’s commitment to ensuring proper interview processes and developing diverse, inclusive, and courteous workforces on and off the field.”
We appreciate the opportunity to speak with Chung about how we can better develop employment possibilities through the League.” Chung has not identified the coach who allegedly made those claimed statements or the group that interviewed him.
“I’m not looking to expose anyone.”
“I believe that is immaterial and irrelevant to the current situation,” Chung stated.
Rather, he said he’s focused on resolving the matter so that other minorities aren’t subjected to the same prejudices, and he believes a chat with Goodell can help in that regard.
Chung, who had previously worked as an assistant offensive line coach for the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, is currently unemployed.