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Jay Cutler was fired from an Uber promotion because to his opposition to the disguising of children.

Jay Cutler left the NFL to take on a new role as a man of the people.
After stating his ideas on school boards’ stringent mask regulations on minors, the unrepentant former quarterback — renowned for his strong arm and extraordinary guy energy — stated that he has been withdrawn from an Uber-NFL promotional campaign.
CLICK HERE FOR MORE FOXNEWS.COM SPORTS COVERAGE Cutler has referenced recordings of zealous parents, notably OutKick founder Clay Travis, who was grilled by the Williamson County Board on Tuesday, battling for their children’s right to avoid wearing masks and other PPE in the classroom.
All of this is based on CDC evidence that shows that children are safe from major COVID effects.
This week has seen a number of impassioned speeches on behalf of parents who are committed to fight school board policies that are not based on evidence.
Cutler, a father of three, has been a vocal opponent of mask mandates, putting him in hot water with firms that monitor behavior to maintain their monopoly on information.
Uber’s choice was clearly aimed at keeping the correct politics on board rather than allowing for a range of viewpoints in their promotions.
Cutler’s work with pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly has helped support children with diabetes — a demographic severely hit by COVID-19 — since 2009. While talking heads criticize Cutler for his “anti-science” remarks, his work with Eli Lilly has helped support children with diabetes — a demographic heavily impacted by COVID-19 — since 2009.
Cutler is the founder of the Jay Cutler Foundation, which has supported at-risk youngsters suffering in and out of high schools.
GET THE FOX NEWS APP HERE Although evidence on the hazards of COVID among children shows that the virus, in all of its forms, is less dangerous than regular flu seasons, firms like Uber are willing to ignore the data in order to create examples out of opposing viewpoints.
This does not appear to be the case.
Cutler, thankfully, appears unconcerned by Uber’s views, adding “Future School board member” to his Twitter account.
Keith Olbermann criticized Cutler’s views on kid masks, implying that the former quarterback said something correct.