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Ted Hendricks, No. 77 on the NFL 100, had the perfect combination of athleticism, length, intelligence, and charisma.

The Athletics’ initiative to select the 100 greatest players in football history is known as the NFL 100.
We’ll reveal new members of the list every day until the season starts, starting with the No.
On Wednesday, September 1st, one player will be crowned.
8.Raiders linebacker Ted Hendricks was not pleased with the defensive play call made from the sideline.
So, according to Howie Long, Hendricks deviated from the script and told Long to do the same.
Later, after making a major play, Hendricks demanded that Long blame it on him when coaches questioned him, and he, in turn, would blame it on Long.That was pure Hendricks, a nonconformist in every manner possible.
Hendricks was a one-of-a-kind individual.