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The Falcons are the first team in the NFL to achieve a 100% COVID-19 vaccination rate.

In recent years, the Atlanta Falcons have become a punchline in NFL circles due to their on-field antics.
Theyre No. 1 when it comes to one crucial subject, however.
1 (and deserve a pat on the back for their efforts): We have achieved a COVID-19 immunization rate of 100%.
The Atlanta Falcons claim they now have a 100% COVID-19 immunization rate. — Atlanta Falcons (@AtlantaFalcons) August 16, 2021
If this is correct, they will be the first NFL team to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
Not only is having a fully vaccinated team an crucial milestone for the league, but it also represents a big turnaround for the Falcons.
As you recall, Atlanta’s football team was the first in the NFL to get a positive COVID test during the season.
You may recall that it occurred shortly before the Falcons’ game versus the Bears.
A month after that occurrence, the team was shut down again due to COVID.
In conclusion, it is encouraging to hear this news from the Falcons.
The Bears were doing well on the vaccine front last we heard.
GM Ryan Pace stated that he believed the squad had already reached (or exceeded!) the 85 percent vaccination rate.
While the squad had a few players on the Reserve/COVID-19 list at one point, everyone was off the list by the time last Saturday’s game started.
On multiple occasions this summer, we’ve addressed the benefits, incentives, and competitive advantages of NFL players taking the COVID-19 vaccine.
We’ve also talked about the dangers for teams if unvaccinated players or personnel lead to a team-wide outbreak and game postponement.
The Bears should keep climbing for their own health and safety, as well as to avoid any competitive disadvantages.
Finally, witnessing the Falcons reach their goal of 100 percent puts things into perspective for me.
Perhaps it will have the same effect on others.