Details On Our Ads Policy

Hey guys!

Hope you all are enjoying the website so far. We’re working every day to get things working as smoothly as possible for you all.

Running this website has not been easy! We are working to include features such as voting, comments and user profiles, which are very database heavy and require powerful dedicated servers with a lot of processing power. These servers don’t come cheap, and the cost is multiplied considering that we have to acquire them from safe providers.

You guys will have noticed that we recently implemented Google ads – which are of course the highest quality and cleanest ads on the Internet. These ads are non-intrusive and you are not required to click them, but to help fund our website we would really appreciate it if you disabled your Adblock on NFLbite. It is our promise that we will never exceed more than 3 ads per page, though it is likely that on most occasions we will only use 1 or 2 ads at the most (as it currently stands).

Disabling your AdBlock would come at no extra cost to you. Since we do not have financial resources like Reddit to scale our servers at will, your support is imperative for the long life of this website and the implementation of the aforementioned features.

Of course, we will completely understand if you decide not to disable your ad-block on this site. Having been on your side, we understand perfectly how ads can be annoying, so we will keep working to help you guys out for as long as it is possible from our end.

Our hope is that, together, we can keep this run going for several more years!