Age-Old Problems Must Change For Kansas City Defense

Age-Old Problems Must Change For Kansas City Defense

We all like to watch Kansas City Chiefs live streaming online; there is unfortunate disappointment about their first month of the season. KC Chiefs defense has failed, burned, and struck out the previous week. But it should be taken into consideration that run and pass problems were not new ones on their team. The announcement that the defense had quite a lot of plays was the forceful comment made by Andy Reid in a blunt mood. Actually, this is easily explained by the loss of the Raiders. But Kansas City Chiefs failed to surrender themselves and promised to work out the maximum they can get this week in the live stream. Meanwhile, they could see a somewhat similar offensive style in the Buffalo Bills’ next game.


It happened that quarterback Josh Allen showed his worst performance of the season too. Wyoming boy is not afraid to catapult deep down the field. It is worth noting that his hands are always locked and charged and ready to spur the moment, hyper-awareness, and quick trigger. 


But, the situation with successive Bills games is easily explained and understandable. The reason is in their offensive line. Their rival just greatly underestimated the Bills offensive line.


The Chief’s precedence over other teams is in their list of particular moves and things that need to be boosted on the defensive before their trip to Orchard Park.


The theme of today’s article is the main aspects that damaged Kansas City on Sunday during the live stream and will clear up what effect on the upcoming week it would have.

Missed Tackles

The whole thing about two wins against the Ravens and Patriots was in the Kansas City Chiefs defense and the way they were with their tackling. The bad thing about this team is that such a tactic was gone in the previous game. Honestly and factually, the Chiefs have the fifth place in the NFL for the most missed tackles and has about 46. Only the New York Jets, Las Vegas Raiders, Carolina Panthers, and Atlanta Falcons have distinguished themselves and got more.

The most unfortunate thing about this is that most missed tackles occur within five yards of the line of scrimmage or closer. But there was one play that was especially good when Chris Jones whiffed on a play up the middle against running back Josh Jacobs. A touchdown run was a result of this game and gave Vegas a 30-24 lead. Remember that Josh Allen can bounce plays to the outside and make you look silly if it would not be clarified against the Bills. Next time, they should be significantly prepared for other cases, just like passes to tight ends or receivers on short crossing routes.

Being In The Right Place

We are all human, and human beings are fallible. The same applies to Kansas City. We talk about the mental errors they have been making during these years. It started way back in 2018. Their problem lies in the fact that there are often lots of multiple players grind to a halt and are all trying to fill the same gap that is entirely wrong behavior. Now the question, how can it help the opposition? Unchallenged blockers are left free to ride the field to the second and third levels. And the running backs can cut back into the open side of the area with ease.

But this is not a single mistake they tend to make. Linebackers and even cornerbacks frequently tend to become passive, inert, and indifferent. Strange behavior. By adding an awful taken angle used by weakside defenders, you have failed to contain runs out on edge.

Kansas City needs to buckle down and figure out that Buffalo will easily and without any hesitation, use speed and misdirection to deal with their apparent gaps.

Step Up And Get Ahead

There was a great deal of scratching moments last week where defenders were lined up and matched up. As an example, we can consider Ben Niemann’s game matched up against fullback Alec Ingold in coverage was a detriment. Meanwhile, Niemann kept disappointing in coverage. And compared to him, rookie Willy Gay Jr was a pleasant person to see. This guy makes eye candy. No wonder that he was estimated as one of the top coverage linebackers at Mississippi State. This was a crucial moment and a major key in selecting Willy in the second round of the 2020 Draft.